HXL standard, version 1.0 beta

The HXL standard is currently at the 1.0 beta release level.

The HXL postcard
For all humanitarians working with data: Essential information about HXL hashtags on a single 4×6 in (10×15 cm) postcard, suitable for carrying out into the field. This is all that most people will need to produce HXL-tagged data.
HXL tagging conventions
For software developers: In-depth information about how HXL hashtags work in a spreadsheet, including more-complete coverage of edge cases.
HXL hashtag dictionary
For information architects and data librarians: A detailed catalogue of the core recommended hashtags for humanitarian datasets.
HXL core schema
For software developers and information architects: A collection of machine-readable schemas (HXL format) defining the core HXL hashtags and attributes. The HXL hashtag dictionary is generated from this master data collection.

The previous release of the standard was HXL 1.0 alpha.