Developer Documentation

This page lists a selection of HXL-enabled tools and libraries aimed at software developers.

HXL Python library and command-line batch tools

Python library and command-line tools for validating, cleaning, and transforming HXL-tagged data in a batch environment, optimised for use with large datasets. For example, the following command will produce a report of the number of different organisations mentioned in a dataset:  

hxlcount -t org mydata.csv

HXL Javascript browser library

JQuery-style Javascript library for processing HXL data inside the web browser, without requiring support from a server (especially valuable for interactive web applications). For example, this line of code will load a 3W dataset and produce a report of the number of activities in each region:

hxl.load('', function (dataset) {
var region_stats = dataset.count('adm1');
// do something with the stats

HXL in R

HXL module for the R programming language, written and maintained by Dirk Schumacher. Example:

data_url <- ""
hxl_data <- as_hxl(read.csv(data_url))
#> # A tibble: 6 × 20
#>      id ident           type                               name
#>   <int> <chr>          <chr>                              <chr>
#> 1 26708  VVTS  large_airport Tan Son Nhat International Airport
#> 2 26700  VVNB  large_airport      Noi Bai International Airport
#> 3 26697  VVDN  large_airport      Da Nang International Airport
#> 4 26693  VVCR medium_airport                   Cam Ranh Airport
#> 5 26705  VVPQ medium_airport     Phu Quoc International Airport
#> 6 26702  VVPB medium_airport                    Phu Bai Airport
#> # ... with 16 more variables: latitude_deg <dbl>, longitude_deg <dbl>,
#> #   elevation_ft <int>, continent <chr>, iso_country <chr>,
#> #   iso_region <chr>, municipality <chr>, scheduled_service <int>,
#> #   gps_code <chr>, iata_code <chr>, local_code <chr>, home_link <chr>,
#> #   wikipedia_link <chr>, keywords <chr>, score <int>, last_updated <dttm>

HXL Proxy

Screenshot of the HXL Proxy

Full user documentation is available in the HXL Proxy wiki.

csvhuman for Ruby

A Ruby GEM for reading HXL-hashtagged CSV data. Written by Gerald Bauer.