HDX Tools

Screenshot of HDX Tools

HDX Tools offer interactive tools for working with HXL-hashtagged data online.

Quick Charts

Create and share live, interactive charts and graphs from your data

Tag Assist

Get help finding the right HXL hashtags for your data

Data Check

Upload your data and get a report back highlighting potential errors

HXL Proxy

A free online tool for cleaning, transforming, merging, and validating HXL-tagged data. The HXL Proxy lets you perform many operations that would normally require a database, even when the datasets are distributed across the Web and cloud services.

Some of the possible operations include:

  • Append datasets
  • Append datasets (external list)
  • Clean data
  • Count rows
  • Cut columns
  • Deduplicate rows
  • Explode data
  • Fill empty cells
  • JSONPath value extraction
  • Merge from another dataset
  • Rename column
  • Replace data
  • Replace data (external map)
  • Select rows
  • Sort rows

The HXL Proxy is designed for high performance, works anonymously, and has been tested with source datasets up to 500,000 rows.

You create a recipe that contains a series of steps for transforming the data. You can save the result of your transformation as a live recipe that will allow users to download CSV or JSON versions of your modified data which will be updated automatically when the source changes.

More details are available in the Use cases.

Full user documentation is available in the HXL Proxy wiki.