Tools for working with HXL data

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Interactive HXL applications

HDX Tools

Screenshot of HDX Tools.

Interactive tools for working with HXL-hashtagged data online. Quick Charts and Tag Assist are already available, with more tools coming soon.

HXL Proxy

Screenshot of HXL Proxy

A free online tool for validating, cleaning, transforming, and visualising HXL-tagged data. You can save the result of your transformation as a live recipe, that will allow users to download CSV or JSON versions of your modified data, updated automatically when the source changes.

Full user documentation is available in the HXL Proxy wiki.

HXL software libraries and modules

HXL Python library and command-line batch tools

Python library and command-line tools for validating, cleaning, and transforming HXL-tagged data in a batch environment, optimised for use with large datasets. For example, the following command will produce a report of the number of different organisations mentioned in a dataset:

hxlcount -t org mydata.csv

HXL Javascript browser library

JQuery-style Javascript library for processing HXL data inside the web browser, without requiring support from a server (especially valuable for interactive web applications). For example, this line of code will load a 3W dataset and produce a report of the number of activities in each region:

hxl.load('', function (dataset) {
    var region_stats = dataset.count('adm1');
    // do something with the stats

Humanitarian Exchange Language in R

HXL module for the R programming language, written and maintained by Dirk Schumacher. Example:

data_url <- ""
hxl_data <- as_hxl(read.csv(data_url))
#> # A tibble: 6 × 20
#>      id ident           type                               name
#>   <int> <chr>          <chr>                              <chr>
#> 1 26708  VVTS  large_airport Tan Son Nhat International Airport
#> 2 26700  VVNB  large_airport      Noi Bai International Airport
#> 3 26697  VVDN  large_airport      Da Nang International Airport
#> 4 26693  VVCR medium_airport                   Cam Ranh Airport
#> 5 26705  VVPQ medium_airport     Phu Quoc International Airport
#> 6 26702  VVPB medium_airport                    Phu Bai Airport
#> # ... with 16 more variables: latitude_deg <dbl>, longitude_deg <dbl>,
#> #   elevation_ft <int>, continent <chr>, iso_country <chr>,
#> #   iso_region <chr>, municipality <chr>, scheduled_service <int>,
#> #   gps_code <chr>, iata_code <chr>, local_code <chr>, home_link <chr>,
#> #   wikipedia_link <chr>, keywords <chr>, score <int>, last_updated <dttm>