Questions about HXL

Who created the HXL standard?
Representatives from the Humanitarian Innovation Fund, IOM, OCHA, Save the Children, UNHCR, UNICEF, USAID, the World Bank, and the World Food Program made up the HXL Working Group… [read more]
What’s different about HXL?
Inspired by social-media hashtags, HXL fits in with the way you work and helps you add value to the data you’re already creating, rather than trying to force you to do things differently… [read more]
How can we get involved with defining the standard?
Join the mailing list.
Does HXL require special technical skills?
If you know how to edit a spreadsheet, then you are ready to share HXL data. You simply insert one extra row in any existing spreadsheet and fill it with humanitarian hashtags… [read more]
What software tools are available for HXL data?
To create HXL data, all you need is a spreadsheet application, such as Excel or Google Sheets. To help with processing and analysing HXL data, we have created a collection of free software tools… [read more]
How can we learn more about HXL?
Start by taking a look at the standard.