HXL standard, version 1.0 beta

Note: This is an obsolete version of the HXL standard, for historical reference only. Please see hxlstandard.org/standard/ for the latest release..

The HXL postcard
For information-management practitioners: Essential information about HXL hashtags on a single 4×6 in (10×15 cm) postcard, suitable for carrying out into the field. This is all that most people will need to produce HXL-tagged data.
HXL tagging conventions
For software developers: In-depth information about how HXL hashtags work in a spreadsheet, including more-complete coverage of edge cases.
HXL hashtag dictionary
For information architects and data librarians: A detailed catalogue of the core recommended hashtags for humanitarian datasets.
Classification codes
For everyone: Recommended taxonomies and code lists for use in HXL-encoded datasets.

The previous release of the standard was HXL 1.0 alpha.